Monday, April 18, 2011


Signed up for a site named Varolo, apparently, you get paid to watch various advertisements, similar to that one feature in Swagbucks, i guess ill try it out, and report back to see if it's worth it.

edit;it has 100% ref rate, so whatever anyone you ref makes, you get too, also the people they ref, and the people they ref, and so on and so forth.

However, it'll take many many hours to be able to afford anything with points from that site, which i guess is fine, it's free, but you are required to rate the ad you saw right after it's done playing, meaning you can't just walk away and leave it on.

Right now, though, it's taking FOREVER to load, sudden burst in members it seems?

according to my math, you'd have to watch 4000 videos (100 hours) to have enough to get a 10$ gift card.

each video has the money equivalent of 0.005 dollars, or half a cent. 

I recommend skipping this one, and wait for something better to come around.

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