Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Konami SH:Homecoming Bogeyman Statue For Pre Order

There’s an official Konami Style Silent Hill: Homecoming Bogeyman resin statue up for pre-order in Japan (which is a little little strange considering the Homecoming game was never published in that region.) The Bogeyman statue along with the Pyramid Head and Valtiel statues released several months back makes this Konami’s third official Silent Hill monster statue release to date.
According to the Konami Style website, Bogeyman will release on May 5 with a mighty expensive retail price of 29,400 yen (about $357 USD)! For those outside of Japan who wish for a Bogeyman of their very own, no need to fret, he is also up for pre-order over at Mio Boutique but with a bit of a markup for 31,500 yen (about $382).

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