Monday, April 18, 2011

Light Chancellors Pack 3 -The Finale- Released!

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Please download these file patches
When extracted just copy over the folders to the pack.

Back with another pack but this will be the last of the LC Pack series. RIP LCP, you have served the community well. What better way to end the series off than a larger pack filled with more files and variety? There are some easier difficulties to appeal to 4key beginners as well as 2 exclusive solo/6key charts.

This time around, difficulty ratings have been completely revamped and are now based on the Notes Per Second system, which explains why the ratings seem higher than before. Using the DC Scale made it too hard to distinguish what exactly was a file's difficulty and it was too subjective. Using NPS not only gives a generally accurate rating, but it allows beginners and intermediate players to determine their level of skill as to what levels they can pass or score well on. And you would've noticed that a good number of files in this pack have multiple charts to promote 4key beginner charts and attract new players, however the main charts are still on Heavy and/or above.

Thank you to everyone that helped assemble this pack, whether through submitting files, judging, providing graphics, and simple suggestions/comments.

Special shoutouts to the following people:
- Sargon for stepping the majority of the easier charts in the pack.
- Rebound and Don for helping with GFX.
- Kommisar for helping to promote the pack amongst other simfile authors who have never submitted to the packs before.


File Queue: 65
A Castle Under Siege (Detrimentalist) [1 chart]
A Shadow in the Blue Sky (HST) [1 chart]
Aha! (Vospi) [1 chart]
ALL MY TURN (Roar) [1 chart]
Autumn Insomnia Session (Rog) [2 charts]
Ax and Shield (leonid & Gundam-Dude) [2 charts]
Burning Halloween Town (Scylaax) [3 charts]
Cansei de S NIK (Roar) [1 chart]
Capital City of Flowers in the Sky ~ Bridge of the Lotus (Ophi) [1 chart]
Car Sax (moches) [1 chart]
Chrometaphor (leonid) [1 chart]
Confidence in the DOMINATION (Puppet) [1 chart]
Dark Cave (moches) [1 chart]
Demystify Feast -Speedy Devil- (Kommisar) [3 charts]
Digital Love (Rog) [2 charts]
Donations Please -nonstop NEW RICH shrine mix- (Gundam-Dude) [2 charts]
El Dorado (TranceCore) [2 charts]
Epsilon-Delta (melonid) [1 chart]
Ergosphere (Jimerax) [1 chart]
Ferris Wheel (Don) [1 chart]
Finders Keepers (Rebound) [1 chart]
Firepower (Rog) [2 charts]
Flaxen Necklace (Scylaax) [1 chart]
Futuristic Imagination (Gundam-Dude) [4 charts]
Galaxy Forest 11.6&12 (TranceCore) [3 charts]
Hatsune Miku no Tomadoi (Kommisar vs. Kory) [1 chart]
Hero (Kommisar & Gundam-Dude) [3 charts]
HEXAD (Sargon) [3 charts]
I Love (Orange Things) (who_care973) [1 chart + 1 Solo chart]
Ievan Polkka (Rin&Len Ver.) (Jimerax) [3 charts]
Kurokami Midareshi Shura to Narite (Don) [1 chart]
Kurokami Midareshi Shura to Narite (HST) [1 chart]
Last Burning (who_cares973) [3 charts]
Lord of the Dance (who_cares973) [1 chart]
Love is Orange (Don) [1 chart]
Macuilxochitl (leonid) [1 chart]
MARIA&JOKER (Sargon) [5 charts]
Mathsma Attack (Kommisar) [1 chart]
Miles (Puppet) [1 chart]
Never Fade Away (moches) [1 chart]
Nova Man's Stage (Kommisar) [1 chart]
PDM (Wineandbread) [2 charts]
Prime Song (Wineandbread) [2 charts]
Radiant (Gundam-Dude) [4 charts]
Radiant Radiant Symphony (Ophi) [2 charts]
Rainbow Tylenol (Baq12) [1 chart]
Rebirth the Edge (Lynn) [1 chart]
Rival (leonid) [1 chart]
Scarlet Rose (Rebound) [1 chart]
Scott Pilgrim's Theme (leonid) [2 charts]
Serpent (Vospi) [1 chart]
Snow Fox (Scylaax) [1 chart]
Stage 1-1 (Ferrari) [1 chart]
Suimen Shizuka ni Daichi no Retsujitsu Watarasete (Don) [1 chart]
Summer Vacation (Kommisar) [1 chart]
Sweet Dream (Sargon & Gundam-Dude) [4 charts]
T&J (TranceCore & leonid) [1 chart]
The Rapids (Kommisar) [1 chart]
Theme of Bomber King (Jimerax) [1 chart]
Theme Song to Cex (Rog & TC) [1 chart]
Umbral Ultimatum (Detrimentalist) [1 chart]
Vanished Truth (Gundam-Dude & Detrimentalist) [2 charts + 1 Solo chart]
Voyage to the Outside World (Rebound) [1 chart]
Walk on Water (Scylaax) [1 chart]
World's Most Wanted Weiner (who_cares973) [1 chart]
Mirrors without patch fixes:
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Mediafire Part 2:

Mirrors with patch fixes:
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