Tuesday, May 3, 2011

UEMP3 released!

File List (17):
2 gorgeous 4U (EMULATE MIX) (Prof.Raine)
7/8 (Gundam-Dude)
Apentenodytes Disco (Cyrenics)
Cansei de S NIK (Prof.Raine)
Corpse Voyage (Reshiram)
Distorted God (Sora)
Dream to Nightmare (Alex)
Eyes of Insanity ~ Invisible FullMoon v2 (Sora)
I Want That Cake v2 (Reshiram)
Love-Colored Master Spark ~ Cut (Cyrenics)
Night Owl (Ferrari)
Nostalgic Blood of the East ~ Old World (Redox)
Only My Railgun (Haru-ko)
Quark (Alex)
Super Nova (Yorika)
The Clear Blue Sky (PiePersonOfDOOM)

Comments found in the ReadMe:
Thanks for all the support for this pack KBO. I was glad to see such good files coming from the community in support of this small pack. The total cap was originally 15 but I was given a surprise when it actually began to go over. I hope the community enjoys this pack for what it is. This is the last of the UEMPs.

Graphic Credits:
Prof. Raine

-The people I didn't list had made graphics before they sent the file in. Thanks for those who did that and made putting this pack together easier.

File Size: 54MB
If you can mirror it elsewhere go ahead and post the link so anyone who can't use the one I gave they still have a way of downloading the pack.

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